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​​As a candidate, your primary short-term goal is to make the recruiter’s short list to be submitted to the client. A candidate who makes it past the recruiter has a fairly good chance of being called in for an interview. 

Keep in mind that it serves nobody if a recruiter is submitting unqualified candidates. Depending on the skills and experience of the recruiter, your chances for a telephone or face-to-face interview may be as high as 50% to 95%.

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​Why work with a Recruiter? 

No risk, All reward!

Why Use a Recruiter?

If you know where you want to be and what you want to do, a recruiter specializing in your area of expertise may help you get there.

As the job seeker, using a recruiter is free. Recruiters are hired and their services are paid by the company or organization they represent.

Recruiters are not career counselors, but some may spend time with you to discuss your resume, cover letter, overall presentation or career goals. Some recruiters may offer resume writing tips and others may be able to refer you to a professional resume writing pro.

Recruiters line up qualified and available active and passive clients on short notice. That means the process usually (but not always) moves along more fluidly than average.

Some recruiters are in-house and work onsite. They may be an employee or contract  employee for the company. Other recruiters are externally based and are sometimes called headhunters, search consultants or sourcing specialists.

External recruiters may specialize in one or several industries (motorsports, action sports, automotive), a geographic region (the SE USA), a job level (executive management) or a job function (digital marketing).

While recruiters handle a lot of the work, especially during the beginning of the process, this individual is not making the hiring decision.

Recruiters operate with 100% confidentiality in all directions. They are discrete, often highly focused and respect the value of your time. A good recruiter is a time management pro. Recruiters won’t share your resume without your permission.

If there is a particular company you are looking to join, a recruiter may be able to provide you with insight about the company, so you may fine-tune your search.

Don’t stress out. Let the professional keep an eye out for you and give you a shout when a great opportunity surfaces.