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Creating a Slam Dunk Linkedin Profile

Thanks to a database of 400 million users, 107 million or 30% of which are in the United States, today’s recruiters are relying more and more on Linkedin. Don’t toss out your resume yet, but you may want to spend an evening updating your public profile and revising your security settings.

According to DMR (formerly Digital Marketing Ramblings), a new Linkedin profile is created every 30 seconds of every minute of every day. Linkedin is working towards a future user goal of 3 billion users. That’s almost half the population of Earth.

Here are some tips on why and how you should update your Linkedin profile. If you need help or have questions, just call. We offer Linkedin profile development critiques and can help you make it sizzle.

Linkedin Tips

  1. Use a professional photo. This will increase your chances of being found. If you don’t have a professional photo handy, use a photo where you are dressed equivalent to business casual or full business attire.  For some industries, you may consider using something that shows your personality, passion or enthusiasm, but in a tasteful way.
  2. If you list your skills on your profile, you’ll increase your profile views significantly.
  3. The average time a user spends on Linkedin is 17 minutes per month. Recruiters who purchase a Linkedin “recruiter license” spend more than a few hours a day searching for candidates. 
  4. It’s all about your connections. On average, CEOs have 930 connections. Quality over quantity, but don’t rule out colleagues who may be connected to people and professionals you may one day want to approach.
  5. Keep it real. Try to stay away from the overused terms and words like “motivated” and “great.” Just like your resume, your Linkedin Profile should be factual, accurate, easy to navigate and succinct.
  6. Your profile on Linkedin should be consistent with the information on your resume. Inconsistencies between resumes and Linkedin profiles raise the red flag.
  7. Check your Linkedin profile e-mail inbox regularly. If a recruiter is reaching out, you won’t know unless you check in from time to time. It’s easy to have your Linkedin e-mails forwarded to your primary e-mail account. Do it and don’t miss another important message. By the way, eight percent of Americans say they check Linkedin from work.
  8. Encourage your next generation friends and family members to start connecting during or just after high school graduation. Nearly 40 million students and recent grads are on Linkedin. Searches are not exclusive to top management positions or only certain trades.  Candidate searches at all levels are conducted on Linked. If you are gainfully employed or thinking about a career move, a Linkedin profile will serve you well.  You can never have too many good connections in your network.
  9. Endorsements. In the past, people wrote nice letters of recommendation and you could submit those with your resume. That is no longer necessary. There is value to a handful of recommendations on Linkedin. Ask your colleagues and former bosses to keep it short and sweet. Ask them to write about  a specific project or position.
  10. Visual tools. If your work is creative or visual and you have examples of your work on the World Wide Web, be sure to post a few samples. Including samples from your portfolio do wonders for breaking up the text on even the best Linkedin profiles.
  11. If you’d like help updating your lackluster Linkedin profile or prefer to bring someone else in the loop to help you create an all-new digital public profile just ask. For a few bucks, we can make sure your Linkedin profile represents the best YOU according to your goals, objectives and future career plans.

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