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Creating a Slam Dunk Linkedin Profile

Thanks to a database of 400 million users, 107 million or 30% of which are in the United States, today’s recruiters are relying more and more on Linkedin. Don’t toss out your resume yet, but you may want to spend an evening updating your public profile and revising your security settings.

About ACTION Recruiting ACTION Recruiting is a world-class powersports recruiting practice, committed to serving and growing the motorcycle/powersports industry, and transforming lives, by being the most responsive, personal and capable recruiting firm in the market. Through an alliance with SearchPath International, ACTION Recruiting has the resources, technology, and support of a larger firm, while offering the personal service and client-centric attention of a boutique firm.

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At ACTION Recruiting Inc. we are Talent Acquisition specialists committed to growing companies and transforming lives by being the most responsive, personal and capable management recruiting firm in the market. Through our alliance with SearchPath International we have the resources, technology and support of the largest firms while offering all the personal service and client-centric attention of a boutique firm.

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Powersports Recruiting ​Resume Builder: Insider Tips

​Your resume is the first impression made between a job candidate and an employer, so you want to do all you can to stand out from the others. You only get one chance at making a good impression. A solid resume may have you headed for the call back pile (aka short list), while a bad one will most certainly seal your fate for the dreaded click, drag and delete exercise. Motorcycle Industry Recruiter

These issues are not black and white. It’s all about what the prospective employer/agent/database-trawl is looking for.​..

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Breaking into a New Industry

How do I break into a new industry? What if I want to totally transform my career and make a 180-degree detour for something totally different? I have 15 years experience in the automotive industry, but what I'd really like to do is work with motorcycles.  How do I combine my past experience with my passion, so I can finally have that dream job?  Recruiters are asked these types of questions on a regular basis...

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