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11 Reasons to Call ACTION Recruiting Today

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Reason #6 – Not everyone is looking.
While an employer should use all of his or her resources to find good employees, not all qualified candidates are searching the Internet or your website career page for their next great gig. Professional recruiters know who is working, where they are, how to reach them and what to say.

Reason #7 – Presentation is key.
Good recruiters pride themselves on how they present their candidates. Resumes are just one piece of the submission pie. You may be surprised by the attention to detail involved when a candidate is formally submitted to a client. It should be detailed and personal. Each individual candidate submission is usually the result of an extensive search, multiple telephone conversations and in-depth fact checking.  

Reason #8 – No exclusivity required.
Whether or not your organization wants to use a professional recruiter exclusively should be your decision and not dictated or required by the recruitment agency.  A recruitment firm is just an option. It is another tool in the box.

Reason #9 – No games or gimmicks.
Recruiters base their fee on a simple formula. There should be no upfront costs or hidden fees.  With a contingency search, if you don’t hire one of the candidates presented to you, you do not pay.

Reason #10 – Minimal Risk.
Most recruiters offer a limited time guarantee for each individual placement. If for any reason, the candidate does not work out during a pre-determined length of time, a replacement will be found at no additional cost.

Reason #11 – Save time.
A recruiter who understands the job and the hiring organization knows where to look and who to look for. When a recruiter gets to work, things happen without delay.

Reason # 1- You can’t hire who you can’t see.
Many gifted candidates are hidden from view. They must be discrete in their desire to make a change, so they aren't actively looking. But recruiters know these passive candidates who, incidentally, make up the majority of the employee pool. Linkedin estimates nearly 60% of these candidates are open to speaking with a recruiter. A recruiter who starts with a large database of qualified candidates has the clear advantage. 

Reason #2 – Save time.
There are only so many free minutes in your day.  There is nothing fun or efficient about sorting through hundreds of resumes looking for the needle in the haystack. Recruiters are professional resume readers. They are trained to scan resumes, separating fact from fiction. Hiring managers can then reserve their valuable reviewing only the best of the bunch.  Save even more time by asking your recruiter to conduct a round of in-depth reference checks.

Reason #3 – The odds are against you.
Open jobs continue to outpace the number of qualified candidates. For every publicized position, there are hundreds or even thousands of well-intentioned job seekers who will send you their resume. Unfortunately, the odds are that only one in every few hundred may actually be qualified.

Reason #4 – It takes one to know one.
If you want a high performance candidate for your team, be sure you cast your net in the right place or you may be sorely disappointed. No matter how hard you try, if you are searching in the wrong talent pool, you won’t find the right candidate.

Reason #5 – Recruiters eat, sleep and dream recruitment.
There’s no shortage of great H.R. professionals on the planet, but many seasoned H.R. pros have other responsibilities as well. Employee communications, training, succession planning and special events are just a few activities that compete for the attention and time of a busy in-house H.R. generalist.

Using a recruiter who specializes in your industry could save you hundreds of hours, a stack of cash and a swarm of headaches. The best recruiters are more than happy to accept “hard to fill” jobs on a contingency basis. 

​Recruiters who have mastered the art of the search have fine-tuned the process and if you are serious about filling a position, they will get to work looking for your future rockstar.