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6. If you are interested in several positions, pick the one you are most qualified for and go for it. Hiring managers don't know what to do with someone who applies for multiple jobs at the same time. Laser focus on what part of the business. An HR manager who sees John Doe apply for jobs in Marketing, Planning, Advertising, Operations and R&D won’t be impressed.

8. Don’t give up. If you are tenacious and keep working your plan, eventually the starts will align.

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How do I break into an industry that is a few bounces away from what I am doing now? What if I want to totally transform my career and make a 180-degree turn for something totally different? I have experience in the automotive industry, but I am really passionate about my Harley-Davidson motorcycle. How do I combine my past experience with what one of my passions? I want that dream job! 

Recruiters are asked these types of questions on a regular basis. Since placement fees can be pricy,  many of our clients are looking for candidates who have a background with very specific experience.

I wish we did have more clients who were looking to give candidates their big break into the industry. It would make our jobs a lot easier and more fun!
Here are some basic tips to consider:

1. Connect with as many people as possible. Use plus attend public industry-related events, networking workshops and other functions open to the public.
2. Develop a resume that is less about the industry you are coming from. Instead, you should emphasize what you know along with your most significant accomplishments. A variety of recommendations on Linkedin or a couple of actual hard copy letters of recommendation can have impact, depending on the hiring manager and executive audience.

3. Search Linkedin jobs and other job boards plus company career pages and meet as many people as possible. If your friend is friends with someone in your target industry, ask for an introduction. 30 minute informational interviews are a good way to learn more about a company without actually asking for a job.

4. Volunteer to work at an industry event, retail outlet or for a cause related to the industry. While you are participating, do let people know you are looking.
5. You need to figure out what you want to do. If you have no idea what you want to do (in this industry), it’s time to do some research. Discover all you can about the industry and learn about the open positions, talent needs, trends and culture.

7. Consider Continuing Education. Take a workshop, class, course, or college degree program to show that you have current training and education in that field. Technology and processes are changing so rapidly. There is significant value in a candidate who has recent training or education.

Breaking into a New Industry - Finding Your Inner "Superman"

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